Special Offers

Special Offers

It's no secret that we live in challenging economic times. Even if many pets' families are able to continue providing the best care for our pets, a lot of uncertainty about personal finances persists. We all, it seems, want to be cautious with how we spend our resources. At Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center, we will strive to keep fees affordable, and work diligently and ethically to make services a good value. When we can offer special promotions, we will do so, especially on preventative care. This can help you avoid more difficult - and costly - medical or surgical procedures later.

Several pharmaceutical and food companies are also offering incentives, coupons, and other "deals." This page will provide information about these, and will be posted and updated as we get information from the respective companies. Hopefully, it will be a quick resource for you to provide your furry companions with great care at the best possible value.

We wish all of you well in these days of economic challenge, and thank you for letting us provide care to your pets in the midst of them.


This mail-in rebate is for the monthly broad-spectrum anti-parasitic for the prevention of heartworm disease and also prevents and eliminates hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. The current rebate gives you $12 back for a purchase of a 12-pack of tablets (a one year supply.) Expires 9-30-15.

Advantage Closeout Offer

We are offering a 25% discount on in-stock sizes of Advantage for cats! We will be phasing out our inventory of Advantage, so take this opportunity to stock up on a great flea control product while the supply lasts. Unfortunately, we cannot make special orders on any sizes that are already out of stock.

Comfortis/Trifexis Offer

This mail-in rebate on these popular flea control and heartworm/ gastrointestinal parasite/ flea control combination product (Trifexis)is $10 off a 6-month supply or $25 off a 12-month supply. Expires 12-31-15.

Frontline Offer & Rebate

This offer gives you 2 FREE monthly dose of Frontline Plus flea & tick prevention when you buy 6 applications. Expires 12-31-15.

Heartgard Rebate

This mail-in rebate will give you $12 when you purchase a full year (12 doses) of the heartworm preventative, Heartgard Plus. Expires 12-31-15.

A second option for a mail-in rebate gives you $50 when you buy 12 doses of Heartgard and 6 doses of a Merial brand flea and tick control (Frontline Tritak or Nexgard). Expires 12-31-15.

Revolution Offer

This offer gives you two free months of Revolution, the broad-spectrum flea, tick, ear mite and heartworm preventative topical medication, when you buy a 6-dose pack. Expires 12-31-15.


This offer comes with the purchase of a 30 count or larger tablets of Denamarin. If your dog or cat is on Denamarin prescription liver support supplement, you can get a $3 mail-in rebate. Expires 12-31-15.