Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

Preventing disease is the most important thing we do. With comprehensive wellness examinations, heartworm and other parasite preventatives, and specific recommendations appropriate to each stage of your petís life, we work with you to catch illness early or, preferably, prevent it altogether. We give vaccines appropriate to the exact needs of your pet. Whenever possible, we give vaccines that provide immunity for 3 years and avoid the common tendency to "over-vaccinate." Our veterinary team is dedicated to educating you on practical, common-sense preventative care for your pet, from the pediatric to geriatric stage.

The increased affordability of blood screening has made annual wellness testing more popular. You can choose the appropriate profiles from a menu of options. These early-detection tools provide excellent baseline values for comparisons if pets become ill in the future, and can catch illnesses that may still be undetectable otherwise. Some options include:

Wellness Profile - This panel includes a "spot-check mini-chemistry panel that evaluates kidney and liver function, blood sugar, electrolyte, and thyroid levels, as well as a "Complete Blood Count" (CBC), which counts red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Comprehensive Profile - This panel includes a comprehensive blood chemistry panel that measures kidney and liver function, blood sugar levels, electrolytes and protein levels. Also included is a CBC, tests evaluating thyroid function, and for cats, a Feline Leukemia test.

Early Detection Profile - This panel includes everything in the Comprehensive Profile (with the exception of the Feline Leukemia test in cats), plus a complete urinalysis, including a "microalbuminuria assay", the most sensitive early indicator of kidney disease.