Dr. Risser's Column: January 2009

Dr. Risser's Column: January 2009

Hello from All of Us at Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center!

We hope you and your pets had a safe and happy holiday season and are enduring the January chill well. The bitter temperatures can be dangerous for humans and animals alike. For outdoor pets, be sure that they are given shelter from the wind and plenty of clean, unfrozen water. Better yet, just bring them inside until it warms. Some dogs may be reluctant to go outside, especially if they get snow between their toes in extremely cold temperatures. If your dog needs a sweater, go for it. I admit to some skepticism with snow boots, but some report good success. Road salt can be an irritant for animals that come in contact with it; a foot rinse after a walk may be a good idea.

Aches and pains go up in arthritic pets, just as they can in people, during cold weather. Some of them may require additional medication for discomfort; please let us know if your pet is among those seeming less comfortable.

Finally, if you park outside, “thump” your hood before starting your car on cold mornings. Cats often snuggle near the engine for warmth, and fan-belt and other injuries can seriously injure or kill them.

A reminder that February is “Pet Dental Health Month,” and we will again be discounting dental prophylactic procedures (cleanings) by 15 percent during the entire month to reflect the importance of good dental health care in dogs and cats. There has been a great response so far, but there are still spots available to schedule your pet. We will gladly provide a treatment plan at your request to let you know of anticipated fees. At times of financial uncertainty, every bit helps, and we hope this allows more people to be able to afford this preventative care procedure.

Speaking of these “interesting” financial times, it is curious to me that my Bioethics coursework will find me taking “Ethical Theory” this semester. I admit to initially being less-than-thrilled to take this course, but the way a recession seems to “smoke out” the unethical behavior of so many recently has piqued my interest. I will let those interested know how the course plays out.

Two last updates from the new product front: We now have in stock a medication called Cerenia, a tablet that can be given to prevent motion sickness vomiting in dogs and cats. If this tends to be a struggle for you and your pet, please phone or e-mail us and we can fill you in on it. And for cats that may be taking Lysine, an amino acid that has been helpful with chronic eye infections caused by some viruses, it will soon be available in a chewable treat form (that, supposedly, even cats who are notoriously finicky will enjoy). We will let those interested know more soon.

Do stay toasty, try to consider the cold weather “character-building,” and we will look forward to seeing you and your furry family member soon.