The Move Is On!

Posted on February 18, 2016
The Move Is On!

After several fits and starts, lots of ups and downs, and some hints dropped along the way, we have big news to unveil: WE ARE MOVING!

When Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center opened 8 ˝ years ago, our current facility was bright, new, and completely met our needs. You don’t have to have been here that long ago to realize that it is no longer the case. Our caseload has grown from zero to over 3200 active clients. Our staff has quintupled. And we now have two full-time doctors working nearly at capacity. We have two examination rooms that don’t meet the needs of our patients or clients, and are substantially limited in grooming (with several weeks waiting time during some seasons). We also have limited hospitalization and boarding space. Our lobby often overflows and it seems like we are always asking people’s patience. You have all been very understanding when we have shuffled you around and made you wait longer than you should.

The opportunity to build a free-standing facility became available as land exactly 100 yards east of our current building became available. Today we closed the purchase of the land, a bit over two acres, and our new home will be started within the next two weeks, at 9667 Geist Crossing Drive, the access road that connects 96th Street and Olio Road.

Here are a few questions you may have:

Q: How big will the building be?
A: We will expand from 1968 square feet to nearly 6800. (Yes, that’s nearly 3 ˝ times bigger than we are now!)

Q: When will the move happen?
A: We anticipate a winter 2016 move-in. We will stay fully operational during the move, with (hopefully) only limited periods where we might not be able to do so, and then just for parts of a day. We will hope for good weather and a fast start to construction.

Q: Can we see pictures or floorplans?
A: We will keep a steady stream of updates, plans, and photos coming as construction commences and progresses on our Facebook page. Please follow us there if you don’t already. We’ll also have some drawings and blueprints to share at our office during construction.

Q: What will be different?
A: In addition to added space in general, we will be able to offer separate feline and canine wards, a fenced-in area to walk dogs, including new cat condos for boarding, room for two groomers to work every day, five exam rooms, separate areas for canine and feline patients to check in in the reception area, a “mini-arcade” to occupy kids during visits, a large consultation room to visit your pet in the hospital or to have a more private place to discuss things with the doctor or staff, and an isolation ward for sick, contagious patients.

Q: So what will be the same?
A: For better or worse, we’ll still be “us.” Our doctors and staff won’t change. Our philosophy of practice won’t change. The same desire to know you and your pet, the warm connections we have shared over the years, the attention you and your pet have come to expect will be the same. There’s never been a desire to be the largest practice in town…just to do the best we can to be your pets’ family doctors. Now you just won’t have to wait so long for an examination room to open up!

Q: Will there be a celebration or open house after the new location opens?
A: Yes, stay tuned!

Q: “How much is this gonna cost me?"
A: This is a pretty darn legitimate question to ask…as much as a new building will be pleasant for you and your pet, you ought to know if it’s going to be built by charging you more. It was important to me that we not build unless and until the practice could support it without raising fees. I’m glad to say that our clients have been so good to write nice online reviews on sites like Google and Yelp and, most importantly, to refer friends and neighbors to us, we have no need to increase them. The tremendous growth in the number of clients and patients we have seen completely supports the construction. So, absent the changes that come when drug or supply costs, for example, go up or down for us, you will see no change in the fees for our services in the new building in 2016.

We all appreciate the privilege you give us daily to be part of your lives and your pets’ lives. Without your trust and kindness over the years, we would never pursue this. It’s our hope that you will love our new space as much as we will.

Thank you again for your partnership with us.