Healthy fat cat weight loss to prevent diabetes

Posted on February 18, 2016

As a result, a new approach to weight management in cats, that de-emphasizes high-fiber (and, therefore, high-carbohydrate) foods in favor of higher protein and fat diets have been developed, both to manage diabetes and as a possible weight-loss diet in cats. Its similarity to the "Adkins Diet” in people has led to this nutritional approach being called the "Catkins Diet.” Some cats have done well in their weight loss with these diets, and some diabetic animals have been able to discontinue insulin eventually. The two most well-researched diets are Royal Canin Calorie Control CC High Protein, Hills Prescription M/D and Purina Prescription DM.

So which diet is the right one for your fat cat? I wish it were easy to decree a simple answer. Humans have no greater clarity: try Googling "diet book” on sometime if you want a "right” answer. Some cats seem to do well with one approach, others the opposite. It is worth a good chat with your veterinarian to decide how to proceed, and how to monitor success or lack thereof. Keep in mind that weight loss is almost never an emergency (cats don’t have to fit into a bathing suit or attend their twentieth class reunion next week), and too much caloric restriction too fast can lead to big problems. That said, excessive weight can lead to a host of medical problems, and most cats in America are overweight.