Updates on Current Protocols and Procedures
Last updated on 3/21/2019


In what seems like a daily update for our clients, here are a few things to know at Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center.

First, we are so grateful for the incredible flexibility, patience and kindness our clients have shown as we transition to a "curbside care" model to keep our clients and staff as protected from the Covid-19 pandemic as possible. Prescription refills and food will continue to be offered curbside (and, in fact, has been so popular we may not be able to go back to how we did it before, at least for some of you!).

As a veterinary hospital, it is our responsibility to be deliberate in protecting public health and the welfare of animals. At a time of "social distancing" and remarkable stress, our pets mean more to us than ever before, and we will remain committed to keeping them healthy through the essential services veterinarians provide.

That means that, effective Monday, March 23rd, like many veterinary hospitals, we will be shifting to full "curbside care" for at least the following two weeks. With the exception of end-of-life care for patients, we will restrict the human population of our building to staff only. But services will otherwise continue as usual. Our front door may be locked, but we will be fully operational inside!


Here's how this works:
1. Please call the office at 317.336.8900 when you arrive. A staff member will meet you at your vehicle or on the sidewalk or front porch to bring your pet inside. We will provide clean, new leashes for dogs, but ask that cats be in carriers. We can go over the visit with you outside or by phone with you once we get inside.

2. If you have an outpatient appointment scheduled with a doctor, you may wish to have a "real time" dialogue with the doctor by phone, or get a quick visit (or a call) from the doctor once the examination is completed to discuss findings and recommendations.

3. We can take care of any financial matters by phone, or a client services staff member will meet you outside before we return your pet to you.


We thank you in advance for your co-operation in a situation none of us expected a month ago. And the situation seems to change hour-by-hour, so we will keep you updated. Please be in touch with us with additional concerns or questions.

While there are many coronaviruses in the environment, the vast majority of which are rather harmless, the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease in humans is not thought at this time to be communicable to our domestic animals. Here is an excellent link to more information about that here. That said, it is wise to be cautious around pets, offering some distance, if you know you are carrying the virus. Please see the current recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association by clicking here. 

 If you are showing symptoms of cough, sneezing and/ or fever, we do ask that you remain at home so that we may protect our staff and others from exposure. We encourage anyone who is ill or is considered a higher-risk individual for infection, as well as anyone for whom it is easier to have a consultation done wherever you may be, to use our telemedicine app, 
Medici, to connect with our office. We will be expanding our ability to diagnose and treat your pet, to the fullest degree we can using the smartphone app. Doctors are generally keeping the app on and are available for consultations after hours as well at this time. You can get connected by clicking here or visiting our Telemedicine page.

Also, we are doing our part to conserve valuable medical resources for human patients in hospitals if shortages arise. That includes significantly limiting our elective surgical procedures for as long as necessary. If you have concerns or questions about this, please let us know. And we do wish you comfort and peace in a time of great public concern, opportunities for laughter and celebration of the beauty of Springtime, and the joy of warm paws and wet noses.


The Doctors and Staff of Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center